UCLA Students and Alumni Named as UC Student Regents


Abraham Avi Oved
Abraham “Avi” Oved, 2015-16

At the time of his appointment, Abraham “Avi” Oved was a senior majoring in economics and minoring in global studies, having received a UCLA’s Chancellor’s Scholarship and an Academic Achievement Scholarship.

As Student Regent, Oved is committed to launching a sexual assault prevention and mental health awareness campaign, along with heightening safety resources across the UC, expanding upon coalition building with other systems of higher education to effectively lobby on legislation, and increase student representation on the Board of Regents.

Prior to being selected as Student Regent, he served in student government for three years, working as an intern, chief of staff and internal vice president of the Undergraduate Student Association. During his term, he worked to develop and implement the nation’s first campus-specific safety mobile application. He is a member of several student organizations, including Hillel at UCLA, Bruins For Israel and Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.


D'Artagnan Scorza
D'Artagnan Scorza, 2008-09

D'Artagnan Scorza graduated from UCLA in June 2007 with a bachelor's degree in religious studies. He was also a McNair Undergraduate Research Scholar in UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program, studying issues specific to the experience of African American males in education.

Scorza's UC education was interrupted after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, when he chose to join the U.S. Navy, eventually serving in Iraq, where he was responsible for personnel, records and communications management activities. He returned to UCLA in April 2006 to pursue a Ph.D. in education.

As an undergraduate, Scorza was active in several community service projects, as a mentor at the Student Retention Center, a UCLA Admission Workgroup participant exploring admission changes to address educational access and opportunity, an African Student Union access coordinator, a student representative on the Chancellor’s Enrollment Advisory Committee, and a member of the Student Initiated Access Committee and the UCLA Task Force on African American Enrollment.

Maria Ledesma
Maria Ledesma, 2006-07

Maria Ledesma did her undergraduate work at UC Berkeley. She received a master's degree in education from Harvard University before pursuing a Ph.D. in UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Her research focused on the admission of students of color into selective public institutions. As a research assistant, she also conducted work on understanding how participation in enrichment programs such as gifted and talented education programs and honors and advanced placement courses help direct students into divergent college preparatory tracks.

In addition to working as an outreach coordinator for Berkeley's Early Academic Outreach Program, Ledesma also served as an undergraduate admission reader and as the graduate student representative on the UC faculty's Board of Admission and Relations with Schools.

Jodi Lynette Anderson
Jodi Lynette Anderson, 2004-05

At the time of her selection, Anderson was a graduate student researcher at the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute and a teaching assistant in the UCLA education department. She completed her undergraduate studies in psychology at UC Santa Barbara in 1994. She subsequently earned a master’s degree in social policy and administration at the University of Nottingham, England, and a master’s in education at UCLA.

She is the recipient of several academic accolades, including the 2002 UCLA Women for Change Award and the UCSB Chancellor’s University Service Award.

Before pursuing her graduate degree, Anderson served as an assistant director of orientation programs, a special programs coordinator, an admission counselor and an office manager of the campus activities center at UCSB. Anderson also worked as a teaching assistant in interdisciplinary studies at UCSB.

Tracy Davis
Tracy Davis, 2001-02

Tracy Davis was a Ph.D. candidate in higher education and organizational change when she was selected as Student Regent.

Davis grew up in Seal Beach, Calif., and earned her bachelor's degree in anthropology from UCLA in 1995. She received the Chancellor's Service Award at  graduation and later worked with students as an outreach and admission officer for UCLA.

Initially seeking a career in television production, Davis worked for CNN in Washington, D.C., and in New York, but switched paths after making a chance presentation to a group of "at risk" students.

Justin Fong
Justin Fong, 2000-01

Justin Fong was a graduate student in public policy at UCLA when he was named Student Regent.

Fong grew up in San Francisco and received his undergraduate degree in environmental sciences at UC Berkeley.

Max R. Espinoza, 1998-99

Max Espinoza was selected as a Student Regent when he was a senior with a double major in political science and Chicano studies.

David B. Hoffman, 1986-87

David Hoffman was a junior majoring in political science when he was named Student Regent.

Fred N. Gaines, 1984-85

Fred Gaines was a law student at UC Berkeley when he became Student Regent. He did his undergraduate work at UCLA, where he served as president of the Undergraduate Students Association in 1980-81.

Richard Anderson, 1983-84

Richard Anderson was a graduate student in psychology when he was selected as Student Regent.

David A. Neuman, 1981-82

David Neuman was a junior in communications studies when he was named Student Regent.

Leslie K. Lurie, 1980-81

Leslie Lurie was a junior with a double major in political science and communications when she was named Student Regent. She went on to earn both her bachelor's and law degrees from UCLA. With her mother, Rita Lurie, she is the author of a mother-daughter memoir, Bending Toward the Sun.

Renee Turkell, 1978-79

UCLA's first Student Regent, Renee Turkell was a senior majoring in English.

About UCLA's Student Regents

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