Revolutionizing energy consupmtion, reshaping our understanding of galaxies, and creating the Internet. 13 Nobel Prize winners. A Fields Medalist and a Turing Award Winner.
29 Academy Award winners. Among top 5 U.S. hospitals and number 1 in California. More than 200 of the Best Doctors in America. 250 Olympic medals. 112 NCAA Championships.
The impact of UCLA's accomplishments reaches around the world. In fact, our research is behind a portfolio of almost 2,100 inventions, and more than 100 companies have been created based on technology developed at UCLA. In 2011-12, start-ups harnessing UCLA innovations created almost 4,500 jobs.

Examples of UCLA innovations: Engineering professor Rajit Gadh developed technology that is revolutionizing the consumption of energy. Astronomy professor Andrea Ghez made discoveries that are reshaping our understanding of how galaxies form. Computer science professor Leonard Kleinrock led the UCLA team that laid the foundation for today's Internet. Civil and environmental engineering professor Eric Hoek takes teams of students to remote villages in Fiji to assess and design safe water and sanitation plants, affecting 8,000 people and dozens of schools.

UCLA faculty members don't just teach students about groundbreaking inventions and discoveries; students take part in the research, side-by-side with their professors.

In fact, among our faculty, alumni and researchers are 13 Nobel Prize winners, a Fields medalist and a Turing Award winner. And 29 UCLA alumni are Academy Award winners, including Francis Ford Coppola and Tim Robbins; 68 have won Prime Time Emmys.

Noted for medical excellence, UCLA Health’s hospitals have been named to U.S. News & World Report's most exclusive rankings list: the Best Hospitals 2013-14 Honor Roll. UCLA ranked number 5 in the country and number 1 in California and the Los Angeles metropolitan area. More than 200 of our current 2,000 physicians are listed among the "Best Doctors in America."

Determined to be champions, UCLA athletes learn to be top competitors in everything they do. Our university has turned out 250 Olympic medals and captured 112 NCAA championships — more than any other university.

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