Mayim Bialik

Class Of 2000, Ph.D. 2007

Art Imitates A Life Of Science

Playing neurobiologist Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the CBS hit Big Bang Theory isn't much of a stretch for neuroscientist Dr. Mayim Bialik. The child star of NBC's 90's-era smash Blossom, the show that made the phrase "a very special episode" a pop-culture staple, appeared on some of the most beloved TV shows of the past 30 years. She also is a very special triple-threat—Emmy-nominated actor, scientist and author of a book on holistic parenting, "Beyond the Sling." But the Los Angeles native and daughter of first-generation American teachers and documentary filmmakers walks what she talks as an advocate of issues as diverse as attachment parenting, veganism and traditional Jewish values.

How Will You Prove Your Theory?
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