Vladimir Chernov

Professor of Vocal Studies and Opera Singer

The voice of a global university must be bold.

Internationally renowned Russian opera singer and professor of vocal studies, Vladimir Chernov brings more than a beautiful baritone to UCLA. He brings nearly 35 years of singing experience, performing over 40 leading roles and appearing at major theaters around the world—from the Metropolitan Opera House and La Scala in Italy to the Paris Opera and London's Covent Garden.

His love affair with singing began at the age of six. He attended the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, and later the La Scala School in Italy, mastering the Italianate style of opera. Since joining the UCLA faculty in 2006, he's provided incomparable insight, experience and enthusiasm when it comes to vocal training and the world of opera.

How far will your voice carry?
Footage/imagery provided by Singularity University and Raytheon BBN Technologies.
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