Bhagwan Chowdhry

Professor of Finance

Bringing banking to the poor is good business.

Imagine if every child born in the world was given $100 in an online bank account. It might encourage them to be financially literate. It would teach kids about the benefits of saving. And with some money in the bank, perhaps those kids, many of them poor, would have the confidence to bring their dreams to life. That's the idea behind the Financial Access at Birth (FAB) Campaign, the brainchild of Bhagwan Chowdhry, professor of finance at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and an idea Forbes India named "4 Ideas to Shape the Future of Finance." Chowdhry, an internationally recognized expert in international and corporate finance and strategy is one of the world's thought leaders in the emerging area of microfinance, developing a new model for "Franchising Microfinance" along with teaching the subject at UCLA and supervising Anderson student projects in the new field of lending in the developing world.

What new idea will you bring into the world?
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