Terence Tao

Professor of Mathematics

Perhaps the only thing he can't calculate is his own genius.

Recipient of mathematics' highest honor—the Fields Medal— Professor Terence Tao is producing some of the most compelling work in the field. Tao is internationally renowned and has redefined mankind's understanding of complex mathematics. The definition of a prodigy—he earned a bachelor's and a master's degree at age 16, a PhD at 20 and became a full professor at 24—the youngest in UCLA's history.

His work in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, ergodic and number theory, combinatorics, functional analysis and theoretical computer science is not only groundbreaking—it requires a level of understanding that is only possessed by a handful of people worldwide and has earned him additional honors, including a Crafoord Prize and a MacArthur Fellowship. Having Professor Tao as part of our faculty gives UCLA students direct access to arguably the greatest mind practicing mathematics today.

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