The goal of this plan is educational excellence and innovation, emphasizing active learning and new ways to think about both the teacher and the classroom and taking into account projections of undergraduate population growth. The plan rests on emerging evidence and promising trends in the science of teaching and learning, and a renewed focus on outcome metrics of educational quality. A key pillar is the proposal of an entity to transform the campus into an educational leader that innovates and embraces teaching practices that benefit our diverse and cherished student population.

  • Teaching Effectiveness
    Establish a campus-wide entity to provide strategic leadership to drive education excellence
  • Scaling Instruction
    Introduce a teaching and learning grants program
    Create a learning outcomes data repository and infrastructure
    Create faculty-level rewards for innovation and teaching excellence
  • Inclusivity and Community Engagement
    Expand the pool of educators with Teaching Professors and Community Scholars, post-doctoral fellows and formal T.A. training
    Embrace the idea of non-traditional teachers from industry and the community
    Evaluate space and calendar to reformat the footprint for active learning