UCLA United Way Campaign

2016 UCLA/United Way Campaign

June 13–30, 2016

Facts and Figures

United Way of Greater Los Angeles has an aggressive 10-year plan to combat poverty at its roots — homelessness, lack of education and financial instability.

We focus on long-term solutions and work side by side with public, private and nonprofit sectors to tackle root causes in a holistic and sustainable manner.

We build on programs and strategies that work, affecting a greater number of our neighbors and communities.

We use advocacy and public policy to change the ineffective systems that sustain the cycle of poverty in L.A. County.

United Way finished year 9 of its 10-year Creating Pathways Out of Poverty plan, which focuses on providing long-term solutions that address the root causes of poverty. The plan aims to:

  • Create and sustain an end to homelessness through public and political will, starting with veterans and our chronically homeless neighbors.
  • Increase the graduation rate to a minimum of 85%, ensuring that students are college- and career-ready.
  • Reduce veteran unemployment by half and improve the financial stability for 10,000 families.

Ending Homelessness

  • In 2010, United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce launched Home For Good, an action plan to end homelessness.
  • Almost 10 years ago, United Way of Greater Los Angeles organized HomeWalk, an annual 5K run/walk to raise funds for and awareness about homelessness, mobilizing more than 75,000 walkers and raising $6.5M over its nine-year history.
  • Through our Home For Good coalition and housing partners, more than 25,000 individuals have been permanently housed since 2011.
  • United Way of Greater Los Angeles was instrumental in the creation, passing and now implementation of the 2016 L.A. City and County comprehensive plan to help the thousands of people living without shelter in our communities.

Improving Educational Achievement

  • In 2015, 50,000 students engaged in programs to help improve academic performance.
  • Since 2015, 26,500 individuals advocated for policies and funding to close the achievement gap in underserved areas.
  • This past year, 19,331 students have received extended learning services.

Building Financial Stability Among Veterans

  • Since 2012, 3,981 post-9/11 veterans have been placed into jobs and 7,216 low-income families have improved their financial empowerment by building assets and improving their financial habits.

Selected Facts & Figures

  • UCLA has participated in the United Way Campaign since 1968, then called the "Community Chest."
  • UCLA faculty and staff contributed more than $133,000 during the 2014/15 campaign.
  • United Way of Greater Los Angeles raised $66.3 million in 2014/15, of which .86 of every dollar goes directly to programs.

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