Create shortened UCLA branded links to your web pages

With, users can shorten, share, and link to UCLA web pages while keeping the UCLA name intact.

Deliver Shortened Links in SMS Messaging

Use to safely deliver actionable and measurable links via SMS or any messaging platform.

Example Text Message

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Share Shortened Links in Social increases flexibility in social and provides analytical insights to measure performance.

Generates QR Codes

Create a scannable barcode that provides easy access to information, websites, and actions via a mobile device.

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Why use a URL shortener?

Link shorteners work by transforming any long URL into a shorter, more readable link.

For example, you can use to turn this long link:

Into this:

A link like this can be included in an email or Twitter post without it breaking or taking up too much space.

Who can use can be used by anyone, but only works on UCLA-hosted pages. View list of domains compatible with

Can I customize the shortened links?

Unfortunately, does not offer the option to customize links. For example, cannot be customized to is powered by and is created and managed by Strategic Communications.