Diverse, progressive and centered in one of the most influential cities in the world, UCLA is a truly international university that offers a world of opportunity. Consistently ranked among the world's top-tier universities and powered by extensive resources, a renowned reputation and—most importantly—the will to make a real difference in the world — the result is clearly in the numbers.


UCLA is the most applied-to university in the nation. For the fall of 2012, 72,000 freshman applications were received.

For the fall of 2011, the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture accepted only 13% of applicants.

The average GPA for admitted incoming freshmen is 4.25, with an SAT score between 1760 and 2140.

94% of freshmen live in university housing.

55% of UCLA undergraduates receive some sort of financial assistance.

36% of UCLA undergraduates receive Pell Grants — among the highest percentage of any top-tier university in the country.

94% of freshmen live in university housing, 55% of UCLA students receive some sort of financial assistance, and 36% of UCLA undergraduates receive Pell Grants
Over 5000 courses, offering 125 majors, and over 78 minors


The top five most popular undergraduate majors are:
political science, psychology, biology, business economics and history.

Majors offered: 125; minors offered: 80+.

UCLA offers graduate degrees in nearly 150 departments, including an extensive selection of business and medical programs.

40 UCLA doctoral programs rank among top 10 in their field nationwide.

UCLA Extension is one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive continuing higher education programs, offering 100 certificate programs in 20 different fields, with highly accommodating and customizable scheduling for working adults.

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Research & Resources

In 2011, UCLA exceeded $1 billion in competitively awarded research grants and contracts for a single year.

In 2012, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was ranked among the top five hospitals in the nation and the best hospital in the western United States for the 23rd consecutive year.

UCLA Volunteer Day is the nation's largest community participation event for students. Nearly 6,000 incoming freshman and transfer students and 1,000 faculty, alumni and team leaders participated in 2011.

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Impact & Significance

UCLA generated more than $12.7 billion in economic impact in the Southern California region and $12.9 billion throughout California during fiscal year 2011-12.

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Updated October 2013