Whether you are thinking about sending your child to UCLA, are about to become a Bruin parent or have been one for years — here are the tools, resources and links you'll need to learn more about who we are and how we can help you and your Bruin experience UCLA life to its fullest.

The Office of Parent & Family Programs

We believe an informed, supportive family plays an instrumental role in a student's educational achievements. To this end, the Office of Parent & Family Programs helps you participate in your student's experience at UCLA by providing important tools and resources to help families stay engaged. We also involve you in the University through campus and regional activities, seeking to enrich your understanding of UCLA while empowering your child to take personal responsibility for their social and academic choices. We strive to make the college experience as positive for you as it is for your Bruin.

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13 Nobel Laureates, 12 Rhodes Scholars, 10 National Medal of Science Winners, A Centenary Prize, A Fields Medal, thousands of fellows and national academy members, and more NCAA titles than any other university.

Setting Sights Higher

When your child sets foot on campus, they join the country's most academically talented at one of the highest-ranked universities in the world.

Whether it's our 13 Nobel Laureates, 250 Olympic medals, being the birthplace of the Internet or bringing home the most NCAA titles — this is where excellence happens. In almost a century, we've produced leaders, icons and institutions in just about every field:

The highly ranked Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and Time "Man of the Year" Dr. David Ho

Johnny Cochran and Robert Shapiro

Nobel Prize Winner Elinor Ostrom

Francis Ford Coppola, James Franco, Carol Burnett

Terence Tao, Fields Medal

Over 500 active licensed inventions

Jackie Robinson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Discover how your student can be a part of this environment of excellence.


For every aspiration, we have a means.

Over 5,000 courses in 109 academic departments comprise 130 majors — one of which could define your child's academic path. The rigors are intense. Our faculty members are foremost experts in their fields. And your child has countless opportunities to perform publishable research and community outreach, connecting with major players in almost any field. Whether your child wants to change a life, a generation or the whole world, imagine what they could do with the resources only UCLA can provide.

Over 5000 coures, 109 academic departments, and over 130 majors


We number over 4,000

We are Nobel Prize winners. We are Fields Medal recipients and Fulbright Scholars. We are leading researchers and world-renowned authorities in almost every field of study. We are passionate individuals driven to effect real change both locally and globally.

But most importantly, we are here for your child.
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Campus Life

Palm trees, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools and breathtaking vistas — while the campus is beautiful, what really inspires your child and forges their character is our uniquely diverse environment. UCLA is alive with a wealth of cultures, ethnicities, perspectives and experiences. Whether they sign up for one of over 800 student-run clubs or enjoy exciting new cuisine from foreign countries with friends, your child is part of a global community. They're crossing paths with thought leaders and entertainment moguls. And because of UCLA's location, they have access to shows, events and exhibitions most cities can't attract.

Every day offers a new opportunity, experience or life-shaping event for your child.


Living on campus is part of the UCLA experience. The residence halls are just a few minutes away from each other by foot, with classes not much farther than that. Your child will be immersed in campus life, giving them every outlet and opportunity to find their niche.

Vibrant, exciting, unforgettable — perhaps that's why over 94 percent of freshman live on campus. Learn More About Housing

Health & Safety

UCLA is located in Westwood, one of the safest and most affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Few areas are more highly monitored and protected, including the surrounding communities of Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Bel Air. UCLA increases protection with state-of-the-art security systems, campus alert systems, personal escorts, van pick-up services, and a dedicated police force. Also on campus is the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center — one of the top five hospitals in the nation.

Welcome to one the most secure campuses in the country. Continue to Campus Safety

A Passport to Future Success

A degree from UCLA is more than a certificate of completion from a world-renowned university. It's a passport to your child's future success.

As the most applied-to university in the country, where admitted students have an average GPA of 4.34 and SAT composite score of 2026, UCLA ensures your child studies with the very best. And with over 400,000 UCLA living alumni — one in every 140 Californians is a Bruin — your child is now part of a network that reaches the top of almost every field.

UCLA students boast a 90 percent graduation rate, with 87 percent continuing on to graduate or professional school. Our environment produces graduates well equipped to make a professional impact. That's why almost 40,000 global and domestic businesses and nonprofits actively recruit within the UCLA Career Center.

Financial Aid

56 percent of students receive some sort of financial aid.

Few universities of UCLA's caliber have a higher percentage of students who receive Pell Grants. This is because we put a far greater value on student's abilities than their means.

If your child has the drive, we have the resources.Continue to Financial Aid
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