If you're considering UCLA, you're probably looking at the top tier of schools—institutions of higher education that focus on showing how the world runs.

That's not us.

At UCLA, we challenge our students to show us how the world could be. It's about fearlessly pushing forward, not because we know we can, but because we know it's the right thing to do.

We are home to the best of the best—the top thinkers like "The Father of the Internet," Vinton Cerf; pioneering researchers like Dr. David Ho who is on the forefront of HIV research; and icons like Jackie Robinson and Ralph Bunche who refused to be satisfied with the status quo. Some may call this mindset naïveté. Or being overly optimistic. We call it essential. And it has led to 13 Nobel Laureates, 17,000 active patents, 230 Olympic medals, more NCAA titles than any other university and the list goes on and on. See for yourself...

11 Nobel Laureates, 12 Rhodes Scholars, 10 National Medal of Science Winners, A Centenary Prize, A Fields Medal, thousands of fellows and national academy members, and more NCAA titles than any other university.

About UCLA

From humble beginnings to becoming the most applied-to university in the nation, UCLA has a history of rewriting it. Broad thinking and optimistic perspectives have always been our catalysts—allowing us to redefine possible time after time. In each field, across all disciplines and in every arena—greatness has become the UCLA hallmark.

Diverse, progressive and surrounded by one of the most influential cities in the world, UCLA operates on a global level. Consistently ranked in the top tier of national and international universities and powered by extensive resources, a renowned reputation, and most importantly, the will to make a real difference in the world—the result can be felt far beyond the campus.

The university alone generates roughly $5.6 billion a year worth of goods and services. Economically, this not only helps power the Greater Los Angeles region, but also through innovations, developments and active patents, UCLA is playing a central role in shaping the world we all live in.

And as a student, you can be a part of it.


For every aspiration, we have a means. Over 5,000 courses in 109 academic departments create 125 majors to define your academic path. The rigors are intense. The faculty is the foremost expert. And there are countless opportunities for research, community outreach and connecting with major players in almost any field. Whether you want to change a life, a generation or the whole world, think what you can do with the resources only UCLA can provide.

UCLA's admission requirements are among the most selective in the nation. We are looking for those who can thrive at a very advanced level, therefore, we only accept students who meet our high academic standards and can demonstrate that they will be an active, valuable contributor on campus. It's a tough process.

But rest assured, if you're here—you deserve to be. Continue to Admission
Over 5000 coures, 109 academic departments, and over 130 majors


We are 4,000 in number.

We are Nobel Prize winners. We are Fields Medal recipients and Fulbright scholars. We are leading researchers and world-renowned authorities in just about every field of study. We are the definition of passionate and are driven to effect real change in the world.

But most importantly—we are all yours.
Faculty in a discussion with students
Female lacrosse players

Campus Life

Our campus is not a backdrop. It's the foreground for your future.

While the aesthetics are inspiring and unlike any you'll find elsewhere—the real beauty is what happens on it.

UCLA students are almost perpetually active. From starting, joining and running over 800 clubs, to a flourishing Greek Life, to a deep involvement with the community—students here are perpetually in motion.

They start businesses and run organizations. They fill the stands for some of the most storied NCAA athletic teams in history. They attend events like Bruin Bash—the annual festival to kick off the new school year that has hosted acts like Jay-Z, T.I. and LMFAO. And that is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Our world, yours for the taking.

Housing & Dining

Living here is part of the experience. All of the residence halls are within a couple minutes walk of each other—with classes not much farther than that. You are connected to campus, giving you every outlet and opportunity to find your niche at UCLA. It is vibrant, exciting and unforgettable.

Perhaps that is why over 94 percent of freshman live on campus. Continue to Housing

With offerings from Pan-Asian cuisine to health-conscious cafes to award-winning restaurants, the one dining option you won't find at UCLA is the stereotypical cafeteria. You can grab a wood-fired pizza at Covel Commons, or enjoy classic American favorites in the wee hours at the De Neve Late Night.

No matter your preference, craving or palate, you'll be able to satisfy it here. Continue to Dining

Financial Aid

The majority of our students, 56 percent in fact, receive some sort of financial aid.

And with few universities of UCLA's caliber having a higher percentage of students who receive Pell Grants, we clearly put a far greater value on student's abilities than their means.

If you have the drive, we have the resources. Continue to Financial Aid
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