Faculty Honors

Our faculty lead the way in numerous scholarly pursuits and they’ve been recognized with the highest honors and memberships. The following is evidence of their dedication to the development of ideas and inventions that improve lives.

Andrea Ghez

Physics, 2020

Lauren B. Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Professor of Astrophysics, joined faculty 1994

J. Fraser Stoddart

Chemistry, 2016

Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty, 1997 to 2008

Photo Credit: Nobel Media AB 2016/ Alexander Mahmoud

Lloyd Shapley

Economic Sciences, 2012

Economics and Mathematics faculty, joined 1981

© The Nobel Foundation. Photo Credit: U. Montan

Louis J. Ignarro

Physiology or Medicine, 1998

Geffen School of Medicine faculty, joined 1985

Paul Boyer

Chemistry, 1997

Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty, joined 1963

Donald Cram

Economic Sciences, 1987

Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty, joined 1947

Willard F. Libby

Chemistry, 1960

Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty, joined 1959

Jason De León

Anthropologist, 2017

Anthropology, Chicana/o Studies, joined faculty 2019

Kyle Abraham

Choreographer and Dancer, 2013

World Arts and Cultures/Dance, joined faculty 2016

Elissa Hallem

Neurobiologist, 2012

Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, joined faculty 2011

Andrea Ghez

Astrophysicist, 2008

Physics and Astronomy, joined faculty 1994

Terrence Tao

Mathematician, 2006

Mathematics, joined faculty 1996

Saul Friedlander

Historian, 1999

History, 1939 Club Chair in Holocaust Studies since 1987

Elinor Ochs

Linguistic Anthropologist, 1998

Anthropology, joined faculty 1980s

Susan McClary

Musicologist, 1995

Musicology, joined faculty 1994

Sherry Ortner

Anthropologist, 1990

Anthropology, joined faculty 2004

Richard Turco

Atmospheric Scientist, 1986

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, joined faculty 1988

Jared Diamond

Environmental Historian and Physiologist, 1985

Geography, joined medical faculty 1966

Gregory Schopen

Historian of Religion, 1985

Asian Languages and Cultures, joined faculty 1999

Peter Sellars

Theater and Opera Director, 1983

World Arts and Cultures

Mostafa El-Sayed

Chemistry, 2007

Chemistry and Biochemistry, faculty 1961 through 1994

Leonard Kleinrock

Mathematics and Computer Science, 2007

Computer Science, joined faculty 1963

Jared Diamond

Biological Sciences, 2000

Geography, joined medical faculty 1966

C. Kumar N. Patel

Engineering, 1996

Physics and Astronomy, Electrical Engineering, joined faculty 1992

Elizabeth Neufeld

Biological Sciences, 1994

Biological Chemistry, joined faculty 1984

Donald Cram

Chemistry, 1993

Chemistry and Biochemistry, faculty 1947 through 1987

Richard Bernstein

Chemistry, 1989

Chemistry and Biochemistry, faculty 1983 through 1990

Saul Winstein

Physical Sciences, 1970

Chemistry and Biochemistry, faculty 1941 through 1969

William Rubey

Physical Sciences, 1965

Geology and Geophysics, faculty 1960 through 1974

Julian Schwinger

Physical Sciences, 1964

Physics, joined faculty 1972 through 1994

Thom Mayne


Architecture, joined faculty 1993

Saul Friedlander

General Nonfiction, 2008

History, 1939 Club Chair in Holocaust Studies since 1987

Jared Diamond

General Nonfiction, 1998

Geography, joined medical faculty 1966

Judea Pearl


Computer Science, joined faculty 1970

This listing includes UCLA faculty, emeriti and administration. We make every effort to keep these listings current and accurate. Last updated August, 2021.