UCLA Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Name Elected Department
Utpal Banerjee 2008 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Eric E. Becklin 2009 Physics and Astronomy
Arnold J. Berk 1998 Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics
Ivan T Berend 2015 History
Andrea Louise Bertozzi 2010 Mathematics
Leonard Binder 2002 Political Science
Robert Allen Bjork 2013 Cognitive Psychology
Terence Blanchard 2021 Music; Global Jazz Studies
Gene Block 2010 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences; Integrative Biology and Physiology
Philippe Bourgois 2018 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences; Anthropology; Sociology; Semel Institute
Paul Boyer 1968 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Robert Paul Brenner 2010 History
Rogers Brubaker 2009 Sociology
Tyler Burge 1993 Philosophy
Robert Buswell Jr. 2016 Asian Languages and Cultures
Russel Caflisch 2012 Mathematics
Albert Carnesale 1996 Public Policy; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Judith Carney 2017 Geography
Emily Carter 2008 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
William A.V. Clark 2003 Geography
Michael Colacurcio 2007 English
Brian Copenhaver 1999 Philosophy
Kimberlé Crenshaw 2021 Law
Frank A . D'Accone 1998 Musicology
Robert Dallek 1994 History
Harold Demsetz 1991 Economics
Edward De Robertis 2000 Jonsson Cancer Center
Jared Diamond 1973 Geography
Richard Dickerson 1985 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Christopher P. Donnan 2005 Anthropology
Johanna Ruth Drucker 2014 Education
Alessandro Duranti 2008 Anthropology
David Eisenberg 1991 Biological Chemistry; Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mostafa El-Sayed 1986 Chemistry
Saul Friedlander 2000 History
Joaquin M. Fuster 2010 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science
Miguel García-Garibay 2020 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Barbara Geddes 2021 Political Science
William Michael Gelbart 2009 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rochel Gelman 1999 Psychology
Andrea Ghez 2004 Physics and Astronomy
Carlo Ginzburg 1986 History
Louis M. Gomez 2014 Education
Roger Gorski 1990 Neurobiology
Patricia Marks Greenfield 2014 Psychology
Michael Grunstein 2001 Biological Chemistry
Elisabeth Le Guin 2021 Musicology
Herbie Hancock 2013 Music
Joel F. Handler 2004 Law
Arnold Harberger 1972 Economics
Frederick Hawthorne 1975 Chemistry
Barbara Herman 1995 Philosophy
Kelly Lytle Hernández 2021 History; African American Studies
Thomas Hines 1994 History
Keith Holyoak 2019 Psychology
Kendall N. Houk 2002 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Daniel Walker Howe 2010 History
Wayne Lester Hubbell 2001 Opthalmology
Stephen P Hubbell 2003 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Lynn Hunt 1991 History
Louis Ignarro 1999 Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Robert Israel 1997 Design | Media Arts
Vyacheslav Ivanov 1993 Slavic Languages & Literature
Margaret Candee Jacob 2013 History
Steven Jacobsen 2016 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Stephanie Jamison 2017 Asian Languages & Cultures
David Clifford Jewitt 2005 Earth and Space Sciences
Ronald H. Kaback 1986 Medicine
David Kaplan 1983 Philosophy
Kenneth Karst 1996 Law
Nikki Keddie 1994 History
Edward Keenan 1998 Linguistics
Robin D.G. Kelley 2016 History
Margaret Kivelson 1998 Earth, Planetary and Space Science
Leonard Kleinrock 2003 Computer Science
V.A. Kolve 1999 English
Barbara Kruger 2015 Art
James A. Lake 2012 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Edward Leamer 1989 Management
Raphael Levine 1995 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Thomas Liggett 2012 Mathematics
Glen MacDonald 2016 Geography
Michael Mann 2015 Sociology
Robert Denis Mare 2010 Sociology
Donald Anthony Martin 2004 Philosophy
Kelsey Martin 2016 Medicine
Rosa Matzkin 2018 Economics
Thom Mayne 2008 Architecture
Sabeeha Merchant 2014 Chemistry
Jeffrey H. Miller 2011 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Jennifer Mnookin 2020 Law
Gary Nash 1997 History
Elizabeth Neufeld 1977 Biological Chemistry
Mary Nichols 2020 Law
Pedro Noguera 2020 Education
Calvin Normore 2008 Philosophy
Michael North 2012 English
Elinor Ruth Ochs 1998 Anthropology
Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco 2014 Education
Stanley J. Osher 2009 Mathematics
Terence Parsons 2007 Philosophy
C. Kumar N. Patel 1976 Physics and Astronomy
Carole Pateman 1996 Political Science
Judea Pearl 2012 Computer Science
Roberto Peccel 2016 Physics and Astronomy
Ann Philbin 2020 Hammer Museum
Sorin Popa 2013 Mathematics
Theodore M. Porter 2008 History
Daniel Posner 2021 Political Science
Marilyn Raphael 2021 Geography
Charles Ray 2008 Art
Paul H. Roberts 2001 Mathematics
Ronald Rogowski 1994 Political Science
Teofilo F. Ruiz 2013 History
David Sabean 2000 History
Arnold Bernard Scheibel 1981 Neurobiology
Gregory Schopen 2015 Asian Languages & Cultures
James William Schopf 1990 Earth, Planetary and Space Science
Gerald Schubert 2001 Earth, Planetary and Space Science
David O. Sears 1991 Psychology
Anthony Seeger 1993 Ethnomusicology
Peter Sellars 2006 World Arts and Cultures
Seana Shiffrin 2010 Law
Wayne Shorter 2016 Music
Debora Shuger 2007 English
Debora Leah Silverman 2008 History; Art History
Larry Simpson 2012 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Victoria Sork 2021 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Charles Stanish 2006 Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Marcelo Suarez-Orozco 2014 Education
Sanjay Subrahmanyam 2009 History
Eric Sundquist 1997 English
Ivan Szelenyi 2000 Sociology
Terence Tao 2009 Mathematics
Shelley E. Taylor 2003 Psychology
Ralph H. Turner 1984 Sociology
Joan Silverstone Valentine 2007 Chemistry and Biochemistry; Medicine
William N. Valentine 1986 Medicine
Lynn Vavreck 2020 Political Science
Anthony Vidler 1996 Art History; Architecture
Lothar Von Falkenhausen 2011 Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Paul S. Weiss 2014 Chemistry
Norton Wise 2001 History
Owen N. Witte 1996 Medicine
Edward Wright 2007 Physics and Astronomy
Eli Yablonovitch 2012 Electrical Engineering
Stephen Campbell Yeazell 2011 Law
Charles E Young 1994 Public Policy
John Zaller 1998 Political Science
Stephen Lawrence Zipursky 1998 Biological Chemistry

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