National Academy of Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) was founded in 1964 as a nonprofit, private organization that provides engineers with leadership and services to the nation. Through its independent advice on engineering and technology matters, the National Academy of Engineering advances the welfare and prosperity of the nation, and encourages a vibrant engineering profession and a public appreciation for engineering.

Among NAE's 2,000 peer-elected members and international members are some of the world's most accomplished engineers from the business, academic, and government sectors. Members provide leadership and technical expertise to numerous projects exploring the intersection of engineering, technology and quality of life.

As a member of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the NAE operates under the same congressional act of incorporation that created the National Academy of Sciences, signed by President Lincoln in 1863. According to this charter the NAE is directed, "whenever called upon by any department or agency of the government, to investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art."

Becoming a Member

Membership in the NAE cannot be applied for by an individual, thus there are no "application forms” for NAE membership. NAE members are elected to membership by their peers (current NAE members). Engineers who are elected to membership enjoy one of the highest professional distinctions available. Their accomplishments range from business and academic management to technical positions, roles in university faculty, government leadership and leadership in private engineering organizations.

UCLA members of the National Academy of Engineering

A list of members by name, year elected and department.

Name Elected Department
Asad Abidi 2007 Electrical Engineering
Albert Carnesale 2011 Public Policy; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
M.C. Frank Chang 2008 Electrical Engineering
Jason Cong 2017 Computer Science
Vijay K. Dhir 2006 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dariush Divsalar 2024 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rong Fu 2024 Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Arthur M. Geoffrion 1998 Management
Chih-Ming Ho 1997 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Bioengineering
Chandrashekhar Joshi 2014 Electrical Engineering
Ann Karagozian 2018 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
John Kim 2009 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Leonard Kleinrock 1980 Computer Science
Dennis Lettenmaier 2011 Geography
James C. Liao 2013 Biochemistry
Ali Mosleh 2010 Materials Science and Engineering
Jayathi Murthy 2020 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Stanley Osher 2018 Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
C. Kumar N. Patel 1978 Physics
Judea Pearl 1995 Computer Science
William P. Pierskalla 2007 Management
Yahya Rahmat-Samii 2008 Electrical Engineering
Behzad Razavi 2017 Electrical Engineering
Henry Samueli 2003 Electrical Engineering
Ali H. Sayed 2018 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jason L. Speyer 2005 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jonathan Stewart 2024 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dwight Streit 2001 Materials Science and Engineering
George Varghese 2017 Computer Science
Alan N. Willson Jr. 2014 Electrical Engineering
Eli Yablonovitch 2003 Electrical Engineering
William W-G. Yeh 2008 Civil and Environmental Engineering

This listing includes UCLA faculty active in teaching, research or administration, including emeriti and adjunct faculty. We make every effort to keep these listings current and accurate. Last updated August 2021.