National Academy of Education

Founded in 1965, the National Academy of Education (NAEd) advances high-quality research to improve the effectiveness of education policies and practices.

The NAEd consists of U.S. members and international associate members who are chosen based on their scholarship. As part of its mission to prepare the next generation of education scholars, the Academy conducts research to address pressing issues in education and administers fellowship programs for professional development.

In conjunction with the Spencer Foundation, the National Academy of Education (NAEd) offers two professional development fellowship programs each year. The programs are designed to encourage new generations of scholars to engage in and strengthen research that contributes to the improvement of education, as well as support early career scholars involved in critical areas of educational research.

The Academy also offers fellows opportunities to take part in professional development retreats, where they meet with National Academy of Education members, senior scholars and other leaders.

NAEd Fellowship Opportunities

Dissertation Fellowship

Scholars from many disciplines and professional fields are encouraged to apply for the Dissertation Fellowship Program in order to carry out research relevant to the improvement of educational practices. Fellows who meet this requirement and submit their dissertations by the deadline will be supported with a fellowship award.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Early-career scholars working in critical areas of educational scholarship are supported by the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

UCLA members of the National Academy of Education

A list of members by name, year elected and department.

Name Elected Department
Walter Allen 2018 Education
Alexander Astin 1997 Education
Eva L. Baker 2007 Education
Frederick Erickson 2000 Education
Megan Franke 2017 Education
Louis Gomez 2014 Education
Sandra Graham 2015 Education
Patricia Gándara 2015 Education
Joan L. Herman 2016 CRESST/UCLA
Sylvia Hurtado 2019 Education
Teresa McCarty 2019 Education
Pedro Noguera 2014 Education
Jeannie Oakes 2004 Education
Gary Orfield 2007 Education
Mike Rose 2013 Education
James Walton Stigler 2003 Psychology
Carola Suárez-Orozco 2016 Education
Marcelo Suárez-Orozco 2004 Education
Noreen Webb 2015 Education
Bernard Weiner 2011 Psychology

This listing includes UCLA faculty active in teaching, research or administration, including emeriti and adjunct faculty We make every effort to keep these listings current and accurate. Last updated August 2021.