American Association for the Advancement of Science

UCLA fellows elected by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

A list of members by name, year elected and department.

Name Elected Department
Elihu Abrahams 1990 Physics and Astronomy
John Agnew 2013 Geography
Frank Anet 1988 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Arthur P. Arnold 1998 Integrative Biology and Physiology
Sudipto Banerjee 2020 Public Health
Utpal Banerjee 2009 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Marcia J. Bates 1990 Information Studies
Linda Baum 2014 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Jackson Beatty 1987 Psychology; Behavioral Neuroscience
Charles F. Bennett Jr. 1965 Geography
Richard A. Berk 1989 Statistics
Douglas Black 2015 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Gene D. Block 1996 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences; Integrative Biology and Physiology
Dean Bok 1967 Neurobiology
Christine Borgman 1989 Information Studies
James Bowie 2008 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jonathan Braun 2001 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Ron Brookmeyer 1997 Public Health
Donald G. Buth 1987 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
John H. Campbell 1994 Neurobiology
Albert Carnesale 2008 Public Policy; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Genhong Cheng 2012 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Marie-Fran├žoise Chesselet 2010 Neurobiology
Francesco Chiappelli 2011 Dentistry
Panagiotis D. Christofides 2012 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Steven G. Clarke 2007 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Thomas J. Coates 2004 UCLA Center for World Health
Steven Cole 2011 Hematology and Oncology
Edwin L. Cooper 1963 Neurobiology
John Cornwall 1993 Physics and Astronomy
William G. Cumberland 2006 Biostatistics
Roger Detels 1994 Epidemiology
Paula Diaconescu 2019 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Richard Dickerson 1988 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Stanley B. Dong 1995 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Xiangfeng Duan 2018 Chemistry and Biochemistry
David Eisenberg 2001 Biological Chemistry; Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gordon Fain 2013 Integrative Biology and Physiology
Michael Fanselow 1993 Psychology
Juli Feigon 2002 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jack L. Feldman 2009 Neurobiology
Itzhak Fried 2001 Neurosurgery
Rong Fu 2020 Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Joaquin Fuster 2017 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay 2007 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Neil Garg 2018 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Robin L. Garrell 2002 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Graciela Gelmini 2020 Physics and Astronomy
David Glanzman 2019 Integrative Biology and Physiology; Neurobiology
Hilary Godwin 2009 Environmental Health Sciences
Robert B. Goldberg 2009 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Malcolm S. Gordon 1963 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Roderic Gorney 1965 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Patricia Adair Gowaty 2004 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mark L. Green 2011 Mathematics
Martin Greenberger 1963 Anderson School of Management
Patricia M. Greenfield 1980 Psychology
Alan D. Grinnell 1986 Integrative Biology and Physiology
Wayne Grody 2018 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Pediatrics; Human Genetics
Donald Guthrie 1989 Biostatistics
Alfred Hales 2009 Mathematics
William M. Hamner 1968 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Oliver Hankinson 2013 Earth and Space Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Ann M. Hirsch 2014 Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Chih-Ming Ho 2016 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Bioengineering
Keith J. Holyoak 2003 Psychology
Marcus A. Horwitz 1999 Medicine
Kendall N. Houk 1988 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Margaret Jacob 2019 History
Steven Jacobsen 2004 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
David C. Jewitt 2005 Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences; Physics and Astronomy
H. Ronald Kaback 2008 Integrative Biology and Physiology
Richard B. Kaner 2000 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Edward Keenan 2009 Linguistics
Margaret Kivelson 1989 Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Carla Koehler 2018 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Paul Krebsbach 2011 Dentistry
Lawrence Kruger 2005 Neurobiology
Leonid Kruglyak 2007 Human Genetics and Biological Chemistry
James Lake 1991 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Robert I. Lehrer 1995 Medicine
Dennis Lettenmaier 2007 Geography
Michael S. Levine 2014 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Chentao Lin 2002 Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Kuo-Nan Liou 1999 Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Glen MacDonald 2006 Geography
Carl A. Maida 2007 Public Health; Community Dentistry
Otoniel Martinez-Maza 2017 Obstetrics and Gynecology; Epidemiology; Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Thomas Mason 2019 Physical Chemistry; Physics
Heather Maynard 2018 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sabeeha Merchant 2005 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jeff F. Miller 2012 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Robert Modlin 2011 Medicine
Sherie L. Morrison 1997 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Pamela Munro 2014 Linguistics
Peter M. Narins 1997 Integrative Biology and Physiology
J. David Neelin 2011 Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Elizabeth Neufeld 1988 Biological Chemistry
Ichiro Nishimura 2017 Dentistry
Aydogan Ozcan 2018 Electrical Engineering
Diane M. Papazian 1999 Physiology
No-Hee Park 2012 Dentistry
C. Kumar N. Patel 1980 Physics and Astronomy
Roberto Peccei 2006 Physics and Astronomy
Dwight W. Read 2014 Anthropology
Bruce N. Runnegar 1993 Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Christopher T. Russell 1981 Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Ali H. Sayed 2012 Electrical Engineering
J. William Schopf 1989 Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Karen Sears 2020 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
David Shapiro 1980 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Stephen Smale 2019 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Victoria L. Sork 2004 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
E. Richard Stiehm 2003 Pediatrics
J. Fraser Stoddart 2005 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Shelley E. Taylor 1998 Psychology
Anna N. Taylor 1967 Neurobiology
James P. Thomas 1977 Psychology
Donald Treiman 1991 Sociology
Jean L. Turner 2006 Physics and Astronomy
Julio L. Vergara 1999 Physiology
Peter C. Whybrow 1994 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
David A. Wilson 1991 Political Science
M. Norton Wise 2005 History
Weng Kee Wong 2012 Biostatistics
David T. Wong 2006 Dentistry
Edward L. Wright 2004 Physics and Astronomy
Hong Wu 2010 Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Wei Yan 2017 Medicine
Yang Yang 2019 Materials Science and Engineering
Todd O. Yeates 2001 Chemistry and Biochemistry
William W-G Yeh 2011 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cheryl Ann Zimmer 1996 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
S. Lawrence Zipursky 2012 Biological Chemistry

This listing includes UCLA faculty active in teaching, research or administration, including emeriti and adjunct faculty. We make every effort to keep these listings current and accurate. Last updated August 2021.